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Draper BlueberryGeneral - Draper Blueberry

Draper blueberry is a mid-season variety which crops a few days before Bluecrop, this variety has strong upright growth and is highly productive.  The fruit is consistently large and uniform and is light blue in colour, firm with crisp flesh.  The flavour is low acid and the fruit has a strong skin.  Some of the notable features are ease of picking of the ripe fruit and the concentrated ripening period, as well as post-harvest colour retention and good shelf-life.  This variety is protected by Plant Variety Rights within the EU and Hargreaves Plants’ licence allows marketing throughout Greater Europe.

Yield and Seasonality 

Draper is a medium to high yielding variety, with good disease tolerance once established. The fruiting season starts in the UK around the last week of July and continues through to the last week of August. Draper is of average vigour and as such does require more attention to detail during growth.

General - Draper information

Draper Fruit Quality

Draper fruit has excellent post harvest colour, held by a good strong skin shown throughout its long shelf life. The large berries are uniform allowing for a high picking percentage ideal for a commercial grower.

How To Grow Draper

Draper, as with all blueberries, prefers light, free draining soil of pH 4.5 – 5.5. It is important to remember the 80% of the fibrous root mass will occupy the first 15cm of soil. Draper requires watering little and often. When trying to establish smaller plants of Draper, the plant must sit so the growing point is level with the soil, too deep and the plant will get stressed; too high and again the plant will be stressed. Once established Draper demonstrates a hardy growth pattern.